Tuesday at the funeral of Gianfranco, I’ve seen so many friends. the affection of all, though, it helped me to lighten the weight on my heart from the loss of Dad.
And I want to thank everyone, from the heart.
Thank you!

Before leaving, Gianfranco wanted to make an act of great dignity, honesty and foresight, a difficult one, which he gained consciousness after evaluating all different aspects and consequences:

Last Thursday, summoning the board of Solidarity, Gianfranco formalize its intention to leave the leadership of our association.

He had recently gained the conviction of not having the necessary energy needed for a so burdensome commitment, especially in order to continue toward that “… and beyond …” that his friend Edgardo indicated to him in his testament, calling Gianfranco to drive Solidarity on 2007.
Gianfranco wanted to facilitate (as I had repeatedly told me) the renewal of the association not only to complete the started projects, but also to allow Solidarity to be able to continue to own that “… and beyond …”

Not to step aside but to remain alongside those who would continue.

I know he will!

Welcoming his request, friends advisers, in the session on Thursday, April 19, 2014, they chose to trust in me as the president of Solidarity and Cooperation Without Borders n.g.o. and to confirm Carlo Lesi as vice president.

I thank them for trusting me, I will endeavor to be worthy of it.

It will be certainly challenging to continue what started with Edgardo visionary foresight and what Gianfranco has stubbornly continued, but I know I can count on their help and their example and also on the help of all the friends of Solidarity that believe in them, in their ideals , which are those of our association, and I hope they will continue to do so.

I also hope I gain the same trust from you, for now I can only ask for everyone’s help and prayers to continue the journey together.

Stefano Manservisi


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